ScooterKidz Kiddy Bar/Kids Handle Bar & Utility Hook


Item 1: Kiddy Bar/Kids Handle Bar ($15.99)

Easy to ride with kids.
Mount extra accessories e.g. LED Lights on it.
Suitable for extra mounting for scooter bag, Solarstorm head light and water bottle holder.
For Passion 10 / Speedway3 / Speedway 2 / Inokim Quick 2 / Inokim Light / Myway Inokim/Speedway/ShengTe 10inch wheel

Item 2: Utility Hook for Scooter ($12.99)
Add-on accessories for your scooter stem to hang your shopping bag
Utility Hook for Scooter for Myway Inokim/Speedway/ShengTe 10inch wheel
Clamp Size: 6.9cm x 4.5cm

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