TRP Spyre Mechanical Disc Brake

$65.00 $95.00

The Spyre is a mechanical disc brake that offers superior performance with incredibly easy setup. This is a dual sided mechanical disc brake caliper where both pads actuate providing even and precise clamping force. This translates into even pad and rotor wear.

Application: Road, Cyclocross
Type: mechanical, 2 pistons
Brake Actuation: cable actuated

Technical Information - Calliper:
Mount: post mount
Pistons: 2 pistons
Pads: semi-metallic for TRP Slate X2, HY/RD, Spyre, Spyke, Hylex, Parabox 2012
Calliper Material: aluminium
Connection: straight

- works with all cable actuated road levers
- barrel adjuster
- compatible with Shimano M525/M515 pads

- 1 x TRP Spyre brake caliper
- 1 pair of TRP pads
- adapter not included
- brake hose not included
- rotor not included

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