Magura MT7 (With installation)

$550.00 $699.00

Magura MT7 (With installation)

Price come with 1 pair Front and Rear (With installation)

Technical specifications: 

intended use : All Mountain, Enduro 
Material caliper: forged aluminum 
Material transmitter unit: Carbon (Carbotecture SL) 
Material brake lever: aluminum, 1-finger HC 
Hardware mounting material: titanium 
Piston: 4 
Brake mounting: Postmount 6 " 
Braking medium: Royal Blood mineral oil 
Brake line: plastic 
Brake Pad: Magura 8.1 Performance, organic 
Recommended brake disc: Magura Storm HC 
Mounting: double-sided (FlipFlop) 
Clamp: Divided 
Cable: 2200 mm Magura Disc Tube, easily shortened 
Color: black-yellow (encoder), carbon (brake lever), mystic-gray (brake caliper) 

Weight: 272g 

1x MAGURA MT7 Pro HC disc brakes | 2018 (front or rear wheel without brake disc) 
1x set to shorten the brake line 
1x set for attaching the caliper 

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