Warranty & Claim Policy

General Warranty Policy

SK will provide full support for all the the products that we distribute by offering warranty and/or repair service. Warranty only covers strictly on defective manufacturing and workmanship and applies only to the original purchaser of the product.

- Frame + Fork [ 1 Year ]

- Gear Shifter + Bottom Bracket + Tuning [ 1 Year ]

Warranty Period

The warranty does not cover in the event of:The warranty length varies with each product.


1. Normal wear & tear or maintenance issues

2. Abnormal strain, neglect, abuse or misuse

3. Accidents or collision damage

4. Lack of routine and proper maintenance

5. Improper or failure to follow instructions for assembly, installation or use

6. Any kind of Modifications of original parts or installation of incompatible parts

7. Damage or loss from shipping, transportation or storage

Customers are required to produce the following to claim warranty:

1. Proof of Purchase (Receipt)

2. The original item

3, Bring the BIKE to our SHOP [No On-Site Service]


General information about usage, maintenance the bicycle and warranty.

General information:

  1. Bicycle should be ridden on roads, not off-road. Bicycle cannot be used for extreme cycling or sport tricks.
  2. Tire pressure should be maintain optimally between 50psi to 70psi. A less than optimal tire pressure may result in a ride that is less stable and may even damage the wheels.
  3. It is the responsibility of the bicycle owner to clean the bicycle from time to time. Once the bicycle is cleaned, the chain and chain rings should be lubricated.
  4. It is advisable to have your bicycle professionally checked and tuned by a qualified bicycle person at least once a year (especially if you ride on regular basis)
  5. Most internal hub gearing systems produces some clicking sound when cycling. This is normal.


No units are in perfect cosmetic condition due to logistics processes; there may be some minor scratches on the aesthetic of the frame. However, if it's too serious such as serious dent or malformity, it will not be sold. 

For deliveries, please note that for any exchange/return/repair/service, you will have to arrange your own logistics to send the bike back, there is no on-site services available.

We strongly encourage all keen buyers to drop by our shop so you can inspect and test the bike before purchase, and we can do adjustments on the spot if needed.