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HONSUN High-end Extended Edition Handlebar For MTB, Escooter, Road Bike 720mm, 31.8mm (MADE IN TAIWAN)

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HONSUN High-end Extended Edition Handlebar For MTB, Escooter, Road Bike 720mm, 31.8mm (MADE IN TAIWAN)

Why run a wider handlebar?

For a good example of a wider stance, try doing a push-up with your hands centered and touching under your chest; then move them out past your shoulders – which is easier, and which feels more stable? Now imagine a rough downhill run as a series of push-ups.

It’s not just in descending that the benefits of a wider bar can be experienced either. Climbing is also improved, opening up the chest and lungs and again offering more leverage when you’re off the saddle and really stomping down on the pedals.

Efficiency makes the bike more comfortable and more flexible.
Six fresh colors for your choose, make your bike look more lively.
Full AL 7075 air, light, corrosion resistance, wear and tear resistance.
Lift the two sides of bike over 15 mm as a center section.
Can be used for ordinary bicycle, child bicycle, mountain bike, folding wheel, etc.
Product Name: High-end Extended Edition Handlebar For Bike XC / DH Downhill All-terrain bike
Material: AL 7075
Weight: 310-348 grams
Color: Black, Green, Pink, Blue, Red, Golden (As shown in the picture)
Dimensions: app.31.8 x 720 mm (diameter x length)
Bicycle, bicycle
Amount: 1 piece

Warm request:
1. How different measuring methods, it occur 1-3 cm deviation over the items to ensure that it is okay for them before ordering;
2. Because of different monitors and lamp light, the picture can not reflect the actual color of the item, really thank you for your understanding!
3. Handlebar only, other accessories irrelevant demo in the picture are not included.

Packaging contains : Honsun Handlebar x 1

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