Taiwan Made Carbon Fiber Extender Bar Holder Mount For Scooter/Bicycle

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Taiwan Made Carbon Fiber Extender Bar Holder Mount For Scooter/Bicycle

Two different model, Long & Short

Can be used with any Scooter / Bike Handle bar.

Zoomair2/ Etwow / ST8 / ST10 / Myway Inokim / Goboard

Able to install addition equipment

Bicycle/Scooter Carbon Fiber Extender Bar 20.2cm

Condition: Brand new
Material: aluminum alloy CNC Clamp+ carbon fiber Tube
Color: Black, Blue, Red
Clamp diameter: 31.8mm
Tube diameter: 22.2mm, Length: 202mm
Suitable for 31.8mm caliber handlebar(used giveaway spacers can fit for 25.4/22.2mm diameter handlebar),
super longer/extended tube can assemble more items such as light/bicycle computer/phone/bell holder etc.
Giveaway: C/D style plastic spacer, can transform 31.8mm to 25.4/22.2mm diameter handlebar used

Package content:
1 set x handlebar extender(2pcs alloy clamp+1pcs carbon tube+ C/D style plastic spacer)

1, Fits on to your bike handle bars to add extra storage space for your bike lights, GPS or phone etc.
2, Suitable for installation handlebar diameter 31.8mm (25.4 mm handlebar need to add gasket)
3, The aluminum alloy material CNC turning process, a column using 3 k carbon fiber body, stent surface anode processing of color, used in bicycle fittings such as loading headlights spec, saves the handlebars
4, Super light CNC Aluminium body and Super Light Carbon Fiber

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