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WAKE Aluminium Bike Bicycle Fork Stem Riser Head Adapter Aluminium Alloy

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Product description
This bike fork stem extender suitable for mountain bicycle to rise up the handlebar fork stem. Can extend the fork stem by 70mm maximumly. Easy installation, just connect up the original front fork stem.

Installation Steps
- 1. Remove the cover of original bike handlebar
- 2. Remove the handlebar stand
- 3. Install the bike fork stem extender, then adjust the position and fix the adjustment screw.
- 4. According to the height you need to increase some gaskets
- 5. Install the handlebars stand and fixed the screws on the stand.
- 6. Finally, install the cover of the bike fork stem extender

Color: Black, Red, Blue, Silver
Material: Aluminium alloy
Fork stem diameter: 28.6mm (standard)
Length: 12cm / 4.7in

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